March 2022 Update:*

**The printing press notified us that world wide supply chain issues has caused massive delays industry wide. Books will ship together. Volume II book is delayed until mid to late summer 2022. 


**All preorders receive the newest "Enchanted Skull" Tiki Lindy label/hat pin - a $15 value!*** 


“Adventures of Transoceanic Explorer Society explorers continue in Volume II....through letters and artifacts, regaling encounters with island natives and their local cuisine, the rare culinary knowledge passed down through a secret explorer society into the hands of Tiki Lindy, who has deciphered scraps and bits into modern methods of marvel for the mouth. The cookbook is a journey through world destinations of tiki lore and island cultures. New lands of discovery in this Volume II and therefore new and adenturous recipes!


Copyright April 2022

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