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Cocktail Book + 24 oz Headhunter Mug + Exclusive Bonus Tiki Lindy cocktail card for the mug + 3 glass straw set!


"Dive into the mystical world of the Transoceanic Explorer Society with 'The Guide to Tropical Potions and Exotic Elixirs,' penned by the renowned mixologist and tiki connoisseur, Tiki Lindy. This treasure trove of tiki cocktails and tropical treats unravels the mysteries of old-time mixology with meticulous detail and expert guidance. From the sands of secluded islands to the jungles of the unknown, each page is packed with secret recipes, lost techniques, and tales as exotic as the drinks themselves. Whether you're a novice navigator of the night or a seasoned sipper, this guide promises to equip you with all you need to create your own paradise in a glass. Set sail on a liquid adventure with Tiki Lindy and bring the art of vintage tropical drinks into your home. Discover, mix, and savor—the world awaits inside your cocktail glass!"


Expected to ship early December 2024

Pre-Order Bundle! Guide to Tropical Potions & Exotic Elixirs

Expected to ship early December 2024
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