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Tiki Lindy announces release of Volume 2 cookbook!

Updated: May 18, 2022

When Tiki Lindy released "Tiki Lindy's Field Guide to Pupus, Tidbits & Exotic Provisions" in 2019, she had no idea just how far reaching the book would be. "I've heard from restaurants in the U.S. and internationally that are using my recipes in their specials menus and now look for my Tiki Tidbits articles in Exotica Moderne magazine for more!"

What prompted you to write a second book?

"My first cookbook was written to fill a much needed void in the 'tiki culture' movement -- food recipes that actually represent the true recipes of the regions they are from. Since these span the globe, I needed a creative way to bridge all the recipes in one collection. I used the adventure storyline as a way to do that. While the cookbook has over 52 recipes, there were important regions in inland and tropical cuisine influence I wasn't able to feature. Volume II was a chance to include new areas and thus new recipes, without altering the first book's storyline.

You redesigned the cover of the first volume in your second edition. Tell us more about that.

When I first wrote the "Field Guide" a second volume wasn't even a concept. When I wrote the second volume, I realized I needed to revisit the formatting of the first so the two books would work well as a set. The content of the book was already reminiscent of an explorer journal or old scrapbook. I wanted the cover to reflect that theme and the two books to look good sitting next to each other, perhaps in a person's home tiki bar relics shelf.

What kinds of recipes will be featured in the "Compendium?"

While the first edition covers mostly Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, the second volume covers coastal areas along common 18th century sea trade routes. So you get recipes from the middle east, coasts of Africa, South and Central Americas and some Caribbean regions that weren't in Volume I.

Does volume II follow the same storyline as Volume I?

I intentionally wrote the non-recipe portions of the book to be ambiguous as to whether the events are before or after the first volume. The focus is on the various outposts of the Transoceanic Explorer Society and the found journal entries from a prior captain's voyage. If you piece together the segments you get a story of mysticism, piracy, exploration and of course the usual humor I write into my stories.

What inspired you to write this as an "adventure cookbook?"

You know, when I've used that term before [Adventure Cookbook], people think I mean that the cooking is adventurous. That might be the case for some, but the adventure refers to the read itself. I put so much research and attention into the characters, the location, the storyline. I wanted my book to have something for everyone, not just those that enjoy cooking.

What's your favorite recipe in Volume II?

[Laughs] That's like asking a mother who her favorite child is! I can't really answer that. I really love them all, but I think my recipes from the Yucatan region and West Africa were my most favorite sections to research and make. Even for me as a foodie, I was introduced to unique ingredients and combinations. You can also really see how recipes traveled and were modified from one region to another.

When will Volume II be available?

The second edition of the "Field Guide" or Volume I is expected to ship out May [2022]. We had some delays with COVID affected supply chain and printing houses. Volume II had a longer delay and tentatively expected in August. We've had a great response in pre-orders and greatly appreciate the patience of loyal fans!

I hear there's a bonus for those that pre-order either book?

Yes! Not to give a spoiler alert, but in Volume II storyline there is a special treasure that is mentioned, the Enchanted Emerald Skull. I had envisioned doing a pin to represent that, but I didn't want just a skull pin. I wanted it to have that same ethereal vibe described in the book. So we went with a pin maker that could do both glitter and glow-in-the-dark. This makes the inside of the skull appear to be encrusted in emeralds and the outer skull surface glows. A pin ships with each pre-order placed through July 2022.

Thanks for your time today Tiki Lindy. Anything you want to let your fans know?

I'll be speaking, so far, at 3 tiki events this year: Tiki Oasis Arizona in April , Tiki Kon in Portland in July, and Tiki Oasis in San Diego in August. While the books won't be in for the first event, I should have second edition Volume I available at both Tiki Con and Tiki Oasis San Diego.

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